Cloud Services.

RestonLogic offers a complete cloud services from strategic advisory services to managed services.


Cloud Migration.

This is typically the first touch point with our customers. Enterprises need help in figuring out the various services, comparing different cloud services providers, for instance Amazon Web Services vs. Microsoft Azure with respect to price, performance or features, come with cloud strategy, advise on migration strategies, train their employees on cloud best practices and more often, help them migrate few applications to cloud.


Cloud Automation.

Companies are looking for an easy way to create and tear down infrastructure to meet specific workloads such as a batch job. Automation is of course also needed to bring up hundreds of servers in cloud in a consistent manner. These orchestration and provisioning services, typically performed by DevOps engineers can make or break cloud adoption. We are experts in all major configuration management tools such as Chef, Ansible, Puppet, AWS CloudFormation, Terraform and leverage these tools to build a secure, compliant cloud for our customers.


Continuous Delivery.

Agility and consistency is not only needed in orchestration and provisioning of cloud services but also in the way enterprises develop and deploy applications to cloud. Instead of spending several days in testing and integration phase, companies prefer to find bugs earlier in the development cycle because they are easier to fix then. They also like to run build jobs (software compilation) and automated tests and if they are successful, deploy the application automatically. These incremental changes that have smaller system impact are preferred over the monolithic changes that might break the system in unanticipated ways.

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