Cloud Strategy & Migration


A large federal systems integrator was constantly running into capacity and operational inefficiencies in their VMWare-based on-premise data center. For instance, couple of power outages required all users desktops to be rebuilt. Additionally, none of the build, integration, environment creation was automated leading to reduced productivity.

RestonLogic Approach:

  • Our team submitted a proposal and implemented a software delivery system using industry best practices
  • Recommendation was to create an automated software CI/CD pipeline to create clusters in AWS including Infrastructure As Code (IAC) using Terraform and Configuration Management using Chef
  • Our recommendation would help customer create hundreds of clusters with fully-tested and validated stacks as and when needed by developers
  • Jenkins dashboard to provide complete visibility


  • Customer was able to retire several VMWare-based environments and shutdown a data center
  • Customer has a complete overview and insight into all environments, costs, purpose of each cluster
  • Customer has a consistent way to create environments, test and deploy software
  • Customer was able to meet several regulatory and compliance standards by introducing security and scans in the pipeline