DataOps and DevSecOps


An early stage startup had an excellent product but they lacked operational and scaling experience. They were seeking to create a multi-tenant SaaS security service. Single-tenant solution were cost prohibitive as their solution involved several expensive AWS services (Kinesis, multiple Redshifts, ECS Clusters, DynamoDB, massive storage requirements among others)

RestonLogic Approach:

  • Our engineers got to work quickly assessing the impact of multi-tenancy of each service involved.
  • We worked diligently with developers, DBAs and tech leads in educating the pros and cons of each approach, adding segregation information such as customerID and ensuring there’s no data bleed
  • We consolidated several micro-services in ECS clusters and developed several lookup services and APIs to prevent direct access to data


  • Customer has a streamlined CI/CD solution that includes blue-green deployment
  • Customer was able meet go-live deadline
  • Customer’s hosting costs was reduced by 57% due to multi-tenancy efforts
  • We also moved log data older than 30 days to a lower-tier storage on AWS S3 further reducing costs. This wasn’t part of the initial proposal but the customer appreciated the input and additional efforts