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Contract Period: 07/25/2020 – 07/24/2030

RestonLogic holds official certification as a participant in the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Business Development program, a status that remains valid until August 4, 2026. This designation empowers RestonLogic to secure both sole-source set-aside contracts and competitive set-aside contracts. The certification facilitates a streamlined procurement process, allowing government agencies to fulfill their socioeconomic procurement credit requirements while benefiting from the expertise and innovative services offered by small and emerging businesses. The contractual eligibility extends until August 4, 2041, ensuring a sustained avenue for agencies to engage with RestonLogic for high-quality services.

Competitive Procurement:

✔ Simplified Acquisition allows agencies to competitively procure work, requiring a minimum of two qualified small businesses likely to submit offers.

✔ Under Competitive Pricing, agencies benefit from receiving offers from multiple qualified small businesses, ensuring fair market prices for contract awards


✔ Small Business Credits are granted to agencies for each competitive 8(a) contract they award, providing incentives for supporting small businesses.

Sole-Source Procurement

✔ Simplified Acquisition: Speeds up and simplifies the acquisition process for agencies, making services more accessible.


✔ Efficient Procurement: Purchasing agency, SBA, and certified 8(a) vendor handle negotiations in a streamlined process.

✔ Quick Decision-Making: Contract processing and award typically take only 1-2 weeks, reducing decision cycle time.


✔ Cost Savings: Procurement is easy, leading to significantly lower administrative costs.


✔ Best Value Negotiations: Purchasing agency directly negotiates with the firm to secure the best value.


✔ Small Business Incentives: Agencies earn small business credits for each sole-source 8(a) contract they award.

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Contact us to explore how you can engage our services using our SBA 8(a) status.

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